Friday, March 27, 2009

1901 Living History Walking suit

Here is my inspiration for my next project. I volunteer once a month at the San Francisco Maritime Historical Park as a Living History interpreter. We recreate the year 1901 amongst a variety of ships, ferries, tugboats and ark's. I loved this walking suit with a bit of a military feel. After all I need to support our troops in the Philippines. Now I might be fudging with the timeline a bit when choosing this design but it will be close enough for what we are doing. This actual suit is dated 1903.

Unfortunately for a rather novice/self taught sewer as myself there is not a pattern exactly like this. Fortunately I have the mind and skills of our trusty costume director Kayta to help me achieve the look I am going for. My next steps will be working with Kayta to adapt a modern pattern that fits me into one that gives the feel of this suit. Here is what I am starting with. Let us see if we can make it work.

The beginning

I, like many of us, love to sew and craft. I have never been able to settle on only one style, idea or project at one time. I dabble, experiment, get confused, get help, get inspired and all in all create. Here I will attempt to document all of that. I will post the current projects, things I tried, things I learned and my successes.