Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 3-4 Journal Project

I printed 2 images out on a heavy paper. One black and white and one color. I painted over them with a heavy body acrylic. In the color copy more of the image shows though the paint.

June 1-2 Journal Project

I continue to experiment with using images, color pencil and neocolor. I think next time I will use a brighter ink when using it with magazine images.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bow Tie Friday

We are public administration students and we are bringing back the cool.

Oh yes, I am talking about bow ties. No longer is this the realm of stodgy old men and pocket protector nerds. We are taking back this accessory and returning it to the world of the young hip movers and shakers crowd.

The Summer Art Journal Project

I need to jump start my craft engine after a year of focusing on school. My challenges is to create 1 journal page a day until the journal is full. With 70 pages I should be done on August 7th.

I started yesterday on May 30th so here are my first 2 pages.