Saturday, May 9, 2009

Aluminum Can Flowers

This past month I enjoyed looking at all the craft ideas floating about with a reused theme. I was especially fond of what I called the brooch of death. My roommate started drinking soda with really great colors so I thought why not give it a try.

What happens when you cut up a soda can? Well it becomes sharp enough to poke out an eye or slice open your grandma when you hug her. So for all you spies out there here is a great stealth weapon.

1. Find a can. ..soda, beer or any sort of aluminum can.

2. Poke a hole in the can.

3. Cut off the top and bottom of can

4. Don’t slice open your fingers on the sharp edges.

5. Create a template outof recycled magazine inserts or other paper. Run wild with the shapes if you want however I suggest you avoid pointy petals unless you truly are going to poke someone’s eye out with it.

6. Trace your template.

7. Cut out 1, 2 or as many of the petals as you want.

8. Another style of petal can be created from any size circle.

9. Poke holes in the center of the petals with whatever sharp device suits your fancy. Nail, pushpin, ice pick…

10. Connect the petals with wire, adding any beads you might want. You can company multile sizes and shapes.

11. You can curl up the edges if you desire.

12. The sky is the limit

13. At this point you can add a pin to the back to make your brooch of death or you can use the flowers for your other art projects

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Living History Walking Suit, Chapter 3

I sewed together the mock up and realized with only one fold I had a jacket that hauntingly resembled Michael Jackson's Thriller. That was not going to work. I was never a fan and I don't want to look like one now.
I added extra fabric to simulate 2 more folds on the front of the jacket. Now I felt less like donning one white glove.

I added a rought cut out for an addition of a back collar. I folded the front of the collar to give it a sharper, more military, look. Not bad. I will still need to clean it up a bit.

Next step: create new mock up of the front with the three folds added into one piece of fabric and a better version of the collar